Support Team

The Support Team of the sixth and seventh cycle (C6 & C7)

From left to right: Charline Rodenas (Economics, Environment & Society), Charlotte Emig (Psychology), Fatah Soroush (International Relations, Environment & Society), Celeste Bonné (Anthropology, Human Geography), Sezin Kirci (Psychology), Britt Dragstra (International Development, Environment & Society) & Bella Roosen (Biology, Environment & Society).

The Support Team of the fifth cycle (C5)

From left to right: Marijn van Asseldonk (Sociology, Environment & Society), Simone Hahn (Psychology, Global Criminology), Julian van Vugt (Biology, Environment & Society, Philosophy), Sezin Kirci (Psychology) & Robin Temmink (Art History).

The Support Team of the first cycle (C1)

From left to right: Joris Olderikkert, Rianne van Outersterp, Lara Depla, Femke Bangma, Manon Schenkels, Wouter Bos & Lisa Busink.

Sezin Kirci
Sezin studies psychology and has been the treasurer of AGREEn for a while now. She did many projects already and is an unstoppable asset in the Support Team since May, 2018. After saying that she could improve her networking, she mastered it.

Fatah Soroush
Fatah studied International Relations in the United States. He switched to Environment and Society in September 2018 and has been a loyal AGREEn'er ever since. He joined the Support Team a year later and combines calmness and professionalism.

Charlotte Emig
Charlotte has been a part of AGREEn since February 2018. She has a heart for sustainability and organised the first seminar of AGREEn. With a lot of experience she joined the Support Team in May, 2019 and is unmissable for the communication of AGREEn.

Charline Rodenas
Charline studied economics in France and decided that she had more passion for our environment. This French girl is so enthusiastic that you cannot follow all the things she organizes. After two cycles of AGREEn, she joined the Support Team in May, 2019. 

Celeste Bonné
Celeste joined AGREEn in February, 2019. After just one cycle, she joined the Support Team. Her enthusiasm and laugh are contagious. She knows how to combine cozy teamwork and working hard. Definitely a golden combination for any project and for the Support Team.

Bella Roosen
Bella is that German girl you want to drink tea with. She is aware of the different feelings in every group and turns plans into actions. After a year of projects, she joined the Support Team and  makes sure every detail is as good as it could possibly be.

Britt Dragstra
Britt studies International Development in Wageningen. She joined AGREEn in September 2018 during her minor 'Sustainability Challenges' in Nijmegen. She joined the Support Team in December 2018.

The Support Team

The Support Team are passionate AGREEn'ers that want to have the whole package plus something more. Those AGREEn'ers are the bridge between the students and the clients. It is not called a board, because AGREEn likes to be a horizontal organisation. Next to the monday evenings, the Support Team meets another time in the week in which they keep track of the progress of the projects and plan guest lectures, social events and workshops. The Support Team is responsible for the finances, social media, website, e-mails, newsletters, projects and external relations of AGREEn.