AGREEn is looking for a new Support Team from June 2021! [Dutch below]

AGREEn, thé student organisation for sustainable solutions, based in Nijmegen, is looking for a new board (so-called: "Support Team"). Are you an enterprising team player with a passion for sustainability and are you ready for a new challenge? Then become part of the AGREEn Support Team!

What does a Support Member do?

Each semester we work with different clients on sustainability related projects. The support members coordinate and facilitate these projects, the teamwork and the connections to the clients. Next to that we go to network events, organise workshops, guest lectures and social events to connect with each other and experience sustainability in practice. 

Who are we looking for?
- You would like to contribute to a better world;
- You are a go-getter, a team player and have a proactive attitude;
- You have good communication skills and can keep an overview;
- You will be available from June 2021 for approximately 5 to 7 hours a week.

What do you get in return?
- A large network of students and professionals (in and around Nijmegen);
- Collaboration with enthusiastic students on green projects;
- Personal and professional development;
- Experience in organising, collaborating, project management and maintaining a network; - A flexible position with lots of freedom and the space to set and pursue your own goals.

Want to know more?
Do you want to ask questions? Send an email to

For more information about AGREEn and our projects, please visit our website, LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.



AGREEn zoekt een nieuw Support Team vanaf Juni 2021!

AGREEn, dé studentenorganisatie in Nijmegen voor duurzame oplossingen, is op zoek naar een nieuw bestuur (so-called: ‘Support Team’). Ben jij een ondernemende teamplayer met een passie voor duurzaamheid en ben jij klaar voor een nieuwe uitdaging? Word dan onderdeel van het Support Team van AGREEn! 

Wat doet een Support lid?

Elk semester werken we met verschillende cliënten aan duurzaamheid gerelateerde projecten. De Support leden coördineren en faciliteren deze projecten, het teamwork en de verbindingen met de cliënten. Daarnaast gaan we naar netwerkevenementen, organiseren we workshops, gastcolleges en sociale evenementen om de verbinding te maken en duurzaamheid in de praktijk te ervaren.


Wie zoeken wij? 
- Je wilt graag aan de slag voor een betere wereld; 

- Je bent een aanpakker, een teamplayer en hebt een proactieve houding; 

- Je bent communicatief sterk en kunt goed het overzicht bewaren;

- Je bent vanaf juni 2021 ongeveer 5 tot 7 uur beschikbaar in de week.


Wat krijg jij ervoor terug?

- Een groot netwerk van studenten en professionals (in en rondom Nijmegen);
- Samenwerking met enthousiaste studenten aan groene projecten; 

- Ontwikkeling op persoonlijk en professioneel gebied; 

- Ervaring op het gebied van organiseren, samenwerken, projectmanagement en het onderhouden van een netwerk;

- Een flexibele functie met veel vrijheid en de ruimte om je eigen doelen te stellen en na te streven.


Meer weten?

Wil je vragen stellen? Stuur dan een mail naar


Kijk voor meer informatie over AGREEn en onze projecten op onze website, LinkedIn, Instagram en Facebook.


AGREEn is a student organisation that helps anyone looking for sustainable solutions. Since 2016, AGREEn is working on issues for corporate, societal and governmental clients. For students, it provides a platform to use their academic knowledge and creativity to work on green cases from in our society. 

Our projects

Since 2016, AGREEn is working on several projects every cycle. A cycle is a timespan of a half year with several projects. Every project starts with an issue of a client and a project proposal written by AGREEn. After this, the collaboration between the student team and the client starts. At the end of the cycle, there is a well delivered end product. 

Our teams

AGREEn would not exist without the great students that put in their best efforts time after time. The teams consist of students with a multidisciplinary background, all interested in making our world a little bit more sustainable. At the beginning of the cycle the students choose individually which project(s) they find the most interesting and then they start working in teams on the projects. 

The Support Team

AGREEn has a so called 'Support Team', this team consists of AGREEn'ers that like to invest even more time in the organisation behind the scenes. In short: The Support Team makes sure that there are projects every cycle. Together with AGREEn'ers they go to network events. There is a Support Member in every team, to support the team. 

Our partners

AGREEn is an independent organisation. Nevertheless, it is always valuable to connect with other like-minded organisations to broaden your network and horizon. 


AGREEn is a student organisation with only volunteers. Yet, every cycle there are many students passionately working on projects. Every Monday evening. How does this look?

Our events

AGREEn organises many events. For example the workshops only for AGREEn'ers, but also events that are open to everyone. In the form of guest lectures, movie nights and seminars. AGREEn'ers also go to events that are organised by other organisations.


You can find interesting articles of AGREEn in the newsroom.




About us

AGREEn is a student organisation, based in Nijmegen, that helps anyone looking for sustainable solutions. AGREEn provides a platform for students to use their academic knowledge and creativity to work on green cases. Currently AGREEn is solving a range of diverse problems for corporate, societal and governmental clients. AGREEn combines a fresh, independent perspective with the strengths and knowledge of these organisations to achieve the greatest impact. AGREEn sustainability consultants realise the best results by following sustainability masterclasses and cooperating in interdisciplinary student teams. AGREEn thrives on the power of the young. In this way, a sustainable future is being designed. 

Total numbers

205 AGREEn'ers

 7000+ manhours

41 Teams

 444 ideas

715 chocolate bars

44 pitches

174 newsletters

115 interviews

Work with AGREEn

Are you an organisation that has a sustainability issue? We are always open for a cup of fair trade coffee, tea or another drink, do not hesitate to send us an e-mail. 
Are you a student that wants to gain more researching, interviewing, organising and consulting experience? You are always welcome to join us during on of our (working) nights.