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Do you have a passion for sustainability, innovation and creativity? We, youngsters with all different kind of backgrounds (from Anthropology, Economics, Law to Physics) but similar interests, put our passion into practice with AGREEn. As we speak we solve sustainability problems for Philips, Liander, Radboud University, develop sustainability lessons, and organise sustainability events. We meet every Monday for AGREEn Evening. Join one! We would love to introduce you to the other AGREEn’ers.

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 At AGREEn youngsters solve sustainability challenges from society, organisations, companies, and the government. We combine the the fresh, indepedent, and interdisciplinary perspective of AGREEn’ers with the strengths of these organisations to create the greatest impact. The AGREEn sustainability consultants realise the best results through following sustainbility master classes, by working together in interdisciplinary teams and by having lots of fun. This is how we help to shape a sustainable future.

 Present projects

AGREEn for Liander
AGREEn for Liander
AGREEn for Philips
AGREEn for Philips
AGREEn for Radboud University 2
AGREEn for Radboud University 2
Sustainble education
Sustainble education

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Week 5 of AGREEn spring/summer
AGREEn projects
“De onafhankelijkheid van de studenten van AGREEn heeft mij inzichten gegeven die andere consultancy bedrijven mij niet zouden bieden. “
Peter Pos, New Business Developer Liander


Sybren Bosch
Sybren BoschManager bij EVOLV Solutions en Research Fellow bij Het Groene Brein.
Prof. Dr. Esther-Mirjam Sent
Prof. Dr. Esther-Mirjam SentEerste Kamerlid en hoogleraar Economische Theorie en Beleid aan de RU
Prof. Dr. Jan Jonker
Prof. Dr. Jan JonkerHoogleraar Duurzaam Ondernemen aan de RU
Johnny Kerkhof
Johnny KerkhofFellow bij het groene brein & CEO van start up mix
Dr. John Schermer
Dr. John SchermerGroepsleider Applied Materials Science van het Institute for Molecules and Materials van de RU

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